For over sixty years like a second home

The essence of Maitó has always been the same, which is why the furnishings are inspired by the 60s, when it was born. The old wooden parquet floor welcomes guests in the spacious dining room, whose planks create the warm and informal atmosphere of a mountain chalet, even if we’re a few steps away from the sea. The historic veranda, where the wine cellar with the restaurant’s precious champagne collection is located, comes alive on weekends to the rhythm of music. In summer and on the warmest winter days the tables spread out to the cabins of the Beach Club and in the spacious sea-front area, for lunches and dinners on the beach under the Tuscan sun and accompanied by the sound of the sea. When the weather is less favorable, the wooden furniture and the crackling of the oven that guards the inner room, offer a warm and welcoming environment, always adorned by the reflections of the lush gardens and sculptures that decorate them. For more than sixty years, Maitó and its cuisine, which uses only the best ingredients, have been synonymous with the culture of the area, genuine hospitality and excellent catering.

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