From the roaring 60s to the present day

We’re in the fabulous ’60s, years of the dolce vita and of the Italian pop-culture advent. Two talented restaurateurs decide to acquire a hut by the sea that had recently been converted into a restaurant; they are the Vietina brothers, two of the minds behind some of the most renown Tuscan eateries. They quickly succeeded in transforming the newly acquired restaurant into one of the most famous meeting places in Forte dei Marmi.
The restaurant, traditionally frequented before visiting the most famous Tuscan dance halls, also managed to attract la crème de la crème of the Roaring 60s: the Italian stars of cinema and entrepreneurship, such as Mina, Umberto Agnelli, and even Sophia Loren, who used to have dinner at Maitó with her Carlo Ponti, one of the most glorified film producers and art collectors among all the history of Italy.
As men go by and tastes change, what remains is Maitó and its beach, its cuisine indifferent to time and the warmth of a typical atmosphere that cannot be replicated. Still today, after more than sixty years, Maitó continues to amaze Forte dei Marmi and its visitors with its hospitality.

A recipe, a myth

One cannot speak of the restaurant’s history without mentioning its flagship specialty, a dish so simple that it has become a true icon: le “Penne alla Maitó”. Many have fantasized about the most amazing secret ingredients, but few have understood that in reality the secret of the dish lies in its simplicity. “Maitó”, according to some versions of the story, would have been the nickname of the owner’s grandmother, and that is why even nowadays at the restaurant every course is served with the care and love that only a grandmother would know how to give. “Penne alla Maitó”, in their simplicity, are a piece of the history and tradition of Forte dei Marmi that remains irresistibly tasty even today.

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